White Port Style


Ingredients (one gallon)

1,200g tinned peach slices in syrup

1 litre apple juice

900g banana flesh (no skin)

400g tinned apricot halves in syrup

450g sultanas

450g sugar

0.275 litre white grape concentrate

5g oak granules

high alcohol yeast (Gervin HA)

yeast nutrient




Prepare the yeast, then build a starter using the apple juice.

Wash the sultanas well to remove any oil coating, then chop them and add to a fermentation bucket.

Cut the bananas into slices and boil uncovered in a litre of water for 20 minutes.

Put the oak granules in a cup and cover with boiling water.  Leave to stand, then add water and granules to the bucket.

Allow to cool to room temperature, then add pectic destroying enzyme, yeast nutrient and the apple yeast starter.

Ferment on the pulp.

After two days, liquidise the tinned fruit with their syrups and add to the fermentation bucket with the sugar.

After a further two days, strain off the pulp, add the grape concentrate.

Make up to 4.5 litres and transfer to a demijohn.

Ferment to completion under an airlock.

Clear in the normal way (two pack finings are quickest).


Provided that you use tinned fruit in syrup and the wine has fermented to dryness, it should contain around 20% a.b.v.  Fruit in fruit juice will only give around 18% a.b.v.


The wine should now be stabilised, sweetened and the acidity adjusted, if necessary.  White port should not be as sweet as many wines of this alcohol level.  A suitable sweetness for this wine would be similar to that of the Fine White Ports made by Graham and Calem which measure 1.018 on the hydrometer.