Set Recipe for Jan 2010


2700g (6lb) bilberries

450g (1lb) bananas

900g (2lb) raisins

280ml (1/2 pint) elderflowers

Port yeast

Yeast nutrient


Sugar, as required

Water to 4.5lr (1 gallon)



1.  Make up a yeast starter.

2.  Peel the bananas (discard skins), slice and boil in 3 litres of water (5 pints) for half an hour.

3.  Strain over the crushed bilberries and raisins.

4.  When cool, add the pectolase, nutrient and yeast starter.

5.  Ferment on the pulp for five days.

6.  Strain off the fruit, pressing lightly.

7.  Add the elderflowers and continue to ferment for three days before straining again.

8.  Add the sugar in stages as a syrup, 150ml (1/4 pint) each time the specific gravity drops below 1.005.  (sugar syrup made by dissolving 900g (2lb) of sugar in 570ml (1 pint) of boiling water and allowing to cool)

9.  When fermentation is finished, add a campden tablet and half a teaspoon of potassium sorbate.

10. Rack regularly and filter.