Rhubarb, Peach, Gooseberry


Medium Sweet White Table Wine

(Charles Hill fixed recipe for 2012 National Show)

1 litre apple juice

1 litre white grape juice

1 lb. gooseberries (frozen)

1 lb. rhubarb

420g tinned peaches in syrup

1.25 lb. sugar

4 oz honey

Gervin D yeast (or similar)


Yeast nutrient


Sugar to sweeten


Rehydrate the yeast, build up a fermentation in the demijohn with the apple and grape juices.

Meanwhile, put the frozen fruit into a bucket and cover with one litre of boiling water.

When the gooseberries are soft, break them up by hand.

Liquidise or mash the peaches and add, with the syrup, to the bucket.

Add a crushed campden tablet and a teaspoon of pectolase.  Leave for 24 hours.

Next day, strain off the liquid, pressing the fruit lightly.

Dissolve the sugar in the liquid, add to the demijohn with the nutrients.

Dissolve the honey in a little boiling water and, when cool, add to the demijohn.

Top up to one gallon with cooled boiled water and ferment to completion.

When fermented, rack, clear and stabilise using campden tablets and potassium sorbate.


The wine should be sweetened to medium sweet (approx eight ounces of sugar) with a gravity of around 1.015 and 13% a.b.v.  It will benefit from six to twelve months storage in the bottle.