4 Ib. bright red rhubarb, gathered in May

Rind only of 1 large lemon

4 oz. raisins

2 1/2 Ib. sugar

1 gallon water

Campden tablet

All-purpose yeast

Top and tail the rhubarb, wipe the stalks clean and chop or crush them.

Add the lemon rind and chopped raisins.

Pour on the boiling water and, when it is cool, make sure that the soft rhubarb is thoroughly crushed with your hands.

Add one teaspoonful of pectozyme and a Campden tablet.

Next day stir in the sugar, nutrient and yeast.

Ferment for four days on the pulp, then strain and press and continue fermentation.

Rack, clear and bottle in the normal way.

This makes a fine table wine that improves with keeping, or a wine that will blend with almost any other wine, or act as a base for liqueurs.