Single Malt Pale Ale

Single Malt Pale Ale (two gallons)

Doug Hodkinson's fixed recipe for 2012 National Show


4 lbs crushed pale malt

Goldings hops to 7AAU (e.g. 1.4 oz. @ 5% alpha acid)

Water treatment for bitter beer

Top fermenting ale yeast

Irish moss

Isinglas finings


Mash grist with eight pints of treated water, at a mash temperature of 65 to 67 degC for about ninety minutes.

Sparge with treated water at 75 degC to collect approx 2.5 gallons (last runnings SG 1.006 to 1.010)

Boil with hops for seventy-five minutes, add Irish moss for the last thirty minutes.

Rest for twenty minutes, then strain and cool to 18 to 20 degC.

Adjust SG to 1.045 to 1.050, if necessary, with boiled and cooled water.

Aerate the wort and pitch with the active yeast starter.

Ferment at 15 to 20 degC.

Rack when the yeast head disappears and keep under airlock until fermentation is complete.

Fine with Isinglas and, when clear, bottle with half a teaspoon of sugar per pint.