Port Style


1 gallon red grape concentrate

12 lbs sugar

5 gallons water

6 oz dried elderberries

16 oz dried, non-glazed, banana chips

2 tsp yeast nutrient

3 oz acid blend

5 crushed Campden tablets

1 sachet port wine yeast

Prepare a yeast starter, three days in advance, according to instructions on yeast packet.

In a clean, five gallon fermenting vessel, add banana chips, elderberries, grape concentrate, water, 1/2 sugar (6 lbs), yeast energizer, acid blend, and crushed Campden tablets.

Stir well to dissolve sugar, cover, and wait 24 hours.

Add yeast starter and stir every day.

When specific gravity is 1.040, draw off two pints, slowly dissolve additional 3 lbs of sugar into it, then stir back into the mix.

When S.G. is at 1.030, strain out elderberries and banana chips and rack into a clean vessel. Attach air lock and check S.G. daily.

When S.G. is at 1.010, draw off two pints, dissolve remaining 3 lbs of sugar into it and stir back into the mix..

Allow to clear or rack and fine, as necessary.

When wine is completely clear, rack, sweeten to taste and add 3 pints of brandy.

Bottle and allow to mature for a year.