4 large grapefruit, or 6 small ones

6 oz. sultanas or raisins

3 1/4 Ib. sugar

I gallon water

1 nutrient tablet

Sherry yeast

Thinly peel the grapefruit, being careful not to include any of the white pith at all.

Cut the fruit in half and squeeze out all the juice; chop up the sultanas or raisins.

Dissolve 2 lb. of sugar in hot water and when cool add the grapefruit peel, the juice, the chopped sultanas, the nutrient tablet and the active working yeast.

Ferment four days, then strain out the grapefruit rind and sultanas and continue the fermentation. Add the remaining sugar, in quarter-pound portions, each time the S.G. falls below 1.010.

Finish the wine at a specific gravity between 1.002 and 1.005.

Rack, fine and bottle in the normal way.