Gooseberry Wine


2lb Gooseberries
4 oz strawberries
0.5lb ripe bananas
2 litres White Grape Juice
21oz sugar
Rohament 'P' Enzyme
Pectolytic Enzyme
Amylase Sarch Enzyme
Yeast and Nutrient

1. Put 1.5 pints of boiling water on the gooseberries and strawberries (frozen or fresh). When cool, add a Campden tablet and Rohament 'P'. Leave for 24 hrs, mashing with a potato masher.

2. Dissolve 21ozs sugar in 1pt of boiling water and put into a demi-john. Strain the fruit into the demi-john. Simmer bananas (sliced without skins) in 0.5pt boiling water for 20 minutes and strain into the demi-john.

3. Add white grape juice. When cool, add pectolytic enzyme, amylase, nutrient, yeast and bentonite. When initial fermentation has subsided and SG drops to just above 1.000, rack to a clean demi-john and top up to the neck with white grape juice.

4. When fermentation stops, add a Campden tablet, and, if not clear, use finings.