Elderflower Champagne

The secrets of all good wine and beer making are:- 1. The right ingredients. 2. Everything to be well sterilised. 3. The correct method. 4. Be patient. The ingredients (all per 1 gallon) :- 8 well open, dry and clean flower heads. 400g granulated sugar. 250 ml white grape juice concentrate. Pack of Champagne Yeast (for 1 to 5 gal batch). 1level teaspoon yeast nutrient. 1 level teaspoon of citric acid. 1 level teaspoon of tannin powder. 1 campden tablet. Sterilising powder. Method :- Sterilise all equipment as per the instructions on pack. Used boiling water to desolve the sugar and allow to cool. Whilst the sugar solution is cooling cut all the florets of the stems, discard as much of the green as possible, (the green will give a resin taste to the finished product). Add the florets to the cooled sugar solution and one crushed campden tablet, stir well. After 24 hours, add the sachet of yeast, yeast nutrient, acid tannin and the grape juice concentrate. Stir at least twice a day for two days pushing the florets down into the liquid. Strain out the florets. (If left for more than four days, they will deteriorate and give off flavours) Allow to ferment out under airlock conditions. (e.g In a demijon) Check with a hydrometer to ensure a complete fermentation and not stuck. The reading should be .990 to 995. If a sweeter finished wine is required then a non-fermentable sugar should be used. If ordinary sugar is added at this stage, it will only ferment out and over pressurise the bottles, this can cause explosions!!!! Sterilise your bottles, (these must be able to withstand the pressure).For example, (NOT WINE BOTTLES) crown cap beer, champagne, swing top beer or plastic P.E.T.bottles. Add ½ LEVEL teaspoon full of granulated sugar to each 500ml bottle, (do not exceed this amount.) Place upright in a warm location for 2-3 days, then in a cooler place for at least 4 weeks before opening. Do not forget, this is a bottle conditioned wine and will have a sediment at the bottom. If this is disturbed, it will not do you any harm but will make for a cloudy wine and not look good. So pour very carefully.