Cumberland Brandy



1kg wheat 1kg Demerara sugar 820g tin peaches 1kg chopped raisins

1/2 tin sherry or peach concentrate as available 250g dates or dried bananas 1tsp pectic enzyme

1tsp tartaric acid nutrient Gervin no 3 yeast




Put wheat, sugar, peaches, raisins, and dates into a bucket. Pour over kettle full of boiling water; stir until sugar is dissolved. When cool top up to 1 gallon with cold water. Check S.G. Adjust with Demerara sugar to approx 1.120. Add pectic enzyme, nutrient and yeast; cover and leave in a warm place. Stir vigorously for first 3 days. After 2 weeks, or when S.G. falls to approx 1.030 strain into a demi-john. Use residue to make a second run.

Add the concentrate in 2 or 3 doses, keeping the S.G. hovering around 1.030. When all the concentrate has been added, if fermentation is still proceeding, add more Demerara sugar in 2oz doses (or honey) until fermentation stops. When the wine begins to clear, rack off sediment, and clear as usual.

Second Run

Use the initial must and add the same ingredients with the exception of the wheat and yeast. The original wheat will be sufficient and the yeast will be active on the must. Repeat the full process of the first run. When the sec-ond run is complete, both gallons should be very similar. Either mix together to achieve 2 gallons of same wine, or keep separate if different.