Has the credit crunch hit your wine cellar? Does the economic downturn find you scraping the bottom of your beer barrel? We suffer no such discomfort: we make good quality beers and wines in our own homes for a fraction of supermarket prices. Then we get together to enjoy the fruits of our labours: good company, good cheer and good economics!


Gone are the days when homebrew meant murky drinks of dubious provenance. Our members produce delightful, vibrant wines and good hearty beers that are a pleasure to share. It is not so difficult to learn and the initial outlay for equipment is quite modest.


The circle meets on the third Thursday of each month at South Hykeham Village Hall, 7:30 p.m.   There is always a good friendly atmosphere and we welcome all, whether absolute beginners or experienced brewers and vintners. There is a varied programme of events including demonstrations, tastings, competitions, and always someone on hand to offer advice. We organise trips to breweries or vineyards and an annual dinner at a suitably cosy hostelry.


Club subscriptions are very reasonable at only £1 per month for guests and £10 per year for full membership. So please come along and see what it is all about. Just bring a glass!


Recommended for on-line brewing supplies: Home Brew Online Ltd http://www.Home-Brew-Online.com/


Recommended for great beers and heavenly brewery trips: Springhead Brewery, Robin Hood Site, Main Street, Laneham, Retford, Notts DN22 0NA, Telephone: +44 (01636) 821000 http://www.springhead.co.uk/